The Process

Complimentary consultation includes a visit to Tralee’s studio, where she will personally work with her client and present options to create their dream dress for their special occasion. Sketches, photos, fabric suggestions and designs will be discussed, with the results ending in a creation that is most suitable to her clients.

There are many features to take into consideration, figure-type, height, skin color, hair tone, size 2, 10, 22, every woman has beauty, and I do my best to enhance that beauty. When people look at them, I want them to say, “Isn’t she beautiful”… then… see her dress.
When Darby asked Tralee to craft her grad gown, all she had was a photograph of her favourite gown. Tralee took the photograph and made a sketch of what she saw, then worked close with Darby on the design to create what she had imagined. I found Tralee to be very easy to work with. I liked it that she worked with Darby one on one and that it was important to her that Darby was happy. Darby’s gown was beautiful, it fit her well, and she was comfortable in it.....having a custom gown made to fit, in my opinion is the only way to go. Thank you Tralee for making a special day truly SPECIAL!
Hi Tralee
I just want to thank you again for doing such a fabulous job on the alterations on both my dress and my daughter’s wedding gown. You are well worth the drive.
When Rebecca was graduating from high school and wanted her very expensive grad dress altered to fit her better, I have to say, I was nervous about altering an already
beautiful design to fit my daughter’s tiny little body, but you came highly recommended so, I trusted that it would all work out. You certainly did not disappoint us. Her graduation
dress was so beautifully altered, we couldn’t even tell where it had been altered. Your work is so professionally done and with such precision that it’s flawless. That would
be enough on it’s own to make us life long customers, but to top it off, you are such a wonderful, kind considerate person, that when we learned that you had moved from
Lavington to Chase, my daughter and I took a day and drove to see you with her wedding gown and my dress for alterations. We knew that you could make these alterations
look perfect, on time and with a smile.
Thank you again for your attention to detail and your amazing taste as well as your many years of experience as a designer of wedding gowns. I am going to send you a picture, once
Rebecca has decided which picture she would like you to have.
Judith Lanaway